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Monica Has Over 14 Years Of Aviation Experience!

I know all the steps you need to take to switch from a commercial airline to a VIP operator. Thorough knowledge, hands-on practical skills and the right network are key ingredients for your transition and I bring it all to you in this 2-day informative, interactive seminar. Reserve your spot now and let me help you progress in your career and enhance your lifestyle!

  • You Will Learn Everything You Need To Know To Become VIP Cabin Crew
  • Your Profile Will Be Put In Front Of Leading VIP Operators Looking To Hire Today
  • You Will Discover How To Be The Best Cabin Crew In The Industry
  • This Training Is Endorsed By The Leading VIP Operators Looking To Hire Today

In This Seminar You Will Learn

  • Galley Management for a Perfect VIP Service Flow
  • Service Preparation vs Service Delivery
  • What is Service Excellence and How to Achieve it
  • Silver Service and Attention to Details
  • Official Protocols in Dealing with HNWI and High Ranking Royal Family Members
  • Compiling and Working with VIP Profiles
  • VIP Menu Design and Cost-Effective Catering Ordering
  • Dealing with Last Minute Changes

Frequently Asked Questions

The timings for the seminar are 09:00 to 18:00 local time. The second day includes an individual feedback session and it might finish slightly later than 18:00.
We will give you the best chance possible and all the necessary knowledge. We will then present your portfolio to VIP operators hiring today.
The venue will be communicated to the participants, via e-mail, 2 weeks before the seminar (latest).
Ideally, you should arrive before 08:45 to ensure we start on time. There is comprehensive knowledge to be shared and we don’t want to waste valuable minutes of your learning time.
An ID to validate your training registration and all the interest you can muster. A copy of your CV and 2 recent photos will enhance your experience further. Make sure you send it to us well before the seminar so we can give you objective guidance on presenting yourself in front of recruiters in the best possible way.
Business dress for both days of training. We encourage you to dress up and make up the same way you would if you were going for a VIP Cabin Crew interview.
Yes, you will receive a training certificate listing the date and location of the seminar as well as all the topics covered.
Yes, one lunch and two coffee breaks are included in both training days.
Accommodation is not provided, however we are happy to recommend affordable hotels in the vicinity of the seminar venue.
The seminar fee is non-refundable, however we will give you priority for a spot in our next seminar session provided you confirm attendance at least 1 month in advance and cover the re-booking fee of $65.

New dates coming soon!

Take Advantage of Exclusive Early Bird Offers!
Get Notified When New Dates Are Set +
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Anonymous Feedback From Our VIP Students

Dear Monica – I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you very much for the course. Thank you for all the hard work and preparation that you have done to create such an interesting seminar. I believe that we all have learnt a lot and i personally am really inspired by a role model like yourself.

Hopefully one day we will get to follow your path and moreover get to contribute back to cabincrew excellence!


The power of achievement is in your hands! And You have the power!

Thank You Cabin Crew Excellence 

Thank you Monica for the wonderful and informative seminar. 

I learnt a lot, especially about catering, menu planning and the personal insight into the VIP flying industry. I have taken away the confidence to walk into my next VIP interview.

Dear Monica – Please allow me to take the opportunity to Thank you and also express my grate pleasure attending your seminar and receive the experience from the unique but difficult field of Private Aviation. Thank you for sharing all your knowledge and precious details/secrets, that came out of your hard work and experience.

Also let me congratulate you for your entrepreneurship and wish you the very best from my heart!

First of all, I would like to thank you for your great job!

I found the seminar very helpful and very well structured. I wish you all good luck and thanks again for making private aviation so nice and bringing the standards to another level 🙂

I really appreciate the seminar, I learned quite a lot about VIP operations. The seminar has been really informative and i felt that it is up to each of us individually to pursue the necessary skills and knowledge along with the package that we have gained during the 2 days. I personally feel that the practical part of the seminar should be more extensive. Thank you for the time and patience and devotion towards this career.

I really like the workshop, I think it was great and I hope that this step would open doors for my dream career. Every penny spent was well spent in this seminar. 

The course was held in a very friendly, open manner. Very helpful information as a comparison from a solo flying crew to flying in a team.

Complete info on service sequence.

I enjoyed the seminar very much. I have chosen this training out of many available on the internet because I wanted to learn from people like you who are really passionate about their job I will definitely recommend you to my colleagues who wish to learn about VIP flight attendants’ job. Not having any first class experience I will have to undergo additional training on food and serving. I would be very much interested in training in that area on any possibility, separate or extending this seminar. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us!

Great course! Very informative and a fantastic way to answer questions about being VIP crew. Plenty of topics covered, the seminar leader was very knowledgable and very friendly. Would be helpful to have links to jobs (which I understand is difficult) and make contacts. I am most impressed with the Skype help that will follow the seminar. Thank you for everything!

The seminar was awesome! I learned a lot and it has made me realise that I still have a lot to learn. I was a bit worried about my age status and also lack of experience and exposure, but with this seminar I have been made to realise that with time and practice, one will earn and be perfect at what they do. I can’t honestly think of anything to say to do that you have not done well, your method of teaching was so absorbing that I wanted more, hence my asking for more service training. Please keep up the good work and thanks a lot!

Practical sessions were extremely helpful and involved us. A really great, informative course that covered all aspects. Friendly and approachable trainer who knew us by name. Help with interview preparation and securing a job in the future with a VIP operator would be greatly appreciated as I’m finding it very competitive at the moment and a lot of operators would rather take people who already have private aviation experience. Getting referred/recommended by you would be super if we don’t have the experience. Excellent course, thank you so much!

Thank you Monica! It was a pleasure meeting you. My many congratulations on your Seminar. It reached out to many cabin crew and clarified any queries or doubts related to aviation. It’s also very comforting to know there is a helping hand when in need. Once again, THANK YOU!!!!

Thank you for the great opportunity given to have a general view idea on the inside of VIP world. It was a fantastic experience, it helped me a lot to clarify all of my questions related to this field. Thanks to you I am more confident that I can succeed in the VIP field. I do not think that you need to add any more subjects since this field depends a lot on the company and the owner.

Dear Monica, I would like to thank you for all your efforts in making this seminar for us! It is amazing how passionate you are about your job and all the small details that it contains. This is very inspiring for me! I have definitely learned to look at things from a different perspective and to pay more attention to details.  I have realised that VIP Cabin Crew is definitely what I want and you have reassured me on that. I am a perfectionist and very picky, I love to cook and present the food nicely. So I am very happy that there is a place for me to use these interests. Huge thank you to both of you!


 New dates coming soon!

Take Advantage of Exclusive Early Bird Offers!
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