10 Cabin Crew Interview Day Mistakes

That Will Cost You Your Job!

Going for an interview that could land you the job of your dreams and potentially change your life forever is not an easy task.

The stress of the event can be pretty nerve-wrecking and you can end up making mistakes that will cost you the job.

Thorough advanced preparation will help you learn how to dress, speak and carry yourself to make sure you are part of the magical 10% that get offered the job.

These are 10 mistakes you must avoid to stay off the “rejected” list:

1. Being late

Prepare everything one night before: your outfit, documents, ride to the venue, etc. to avoid any unexpected situations the morning of the interview.

Ideally, you should arrive at the venue at least 15 minutes before the announced starting time. So if the airline website or the invitation you received by email mentions the starting time to be 09:00, make sure you are at the hotel by 08:40!

2. Showing up in an inappropriate outfit or wearing too many accessories

Remember to dress how you want to be addressed and don’t show up wearing an outfit suitable for a nightclub or a casual walk in the park.

Look at the uniform style of the airline you are interviewing for and try to mirror it – that’s the safest bet.

Recruitment is an emotional thing though, so if you want to let your personality shine through and avoid being plain-coloured, you can wear a bold tie (we don’t recommend scarves for ladies) that compliments your outfit.

When it comes to accessories, less is more so keep it basic!

3. Going to the interview with a poor portfolio 

Your portfolio consists of your updated English CV, photos and all other documents needed during the interview. Many candidates post pictures on social media platforms (Facebook, etc.) and ask for opinions on how appropriate they are for an interview with one airline or another and it is very unfortunate to see so many bad photos. If you also have the habit of posting your photos and asking for everybody and their cat’s opinion, we recommend that you STOP. What you get when you do that is 90% of the time very bad advice.

You must read the airline requirements carefully and follow it to the T! Invest in a professional photo shoot done in a studio with a photographer that can edit your photos properly. It is an investment into your future after all and a small price to pay for the opportunity to be successful at the interview.

4. Not listening to the recruiters’ indications

They will give useful information throughout the day from details regarding the way the day is going to go to information about the company, its structure, evolution and so on.

If you don’t pay attention, you will miss important info. That can become very apparent to the recruiters later on during the day and they will see you as ignorant or not interested enough.

5. Talking about money during the Q&A session

There will be a time during the day when the recruiters will give everybody the chance to ask questions.

It is part of your preparation process to make sure you have all the details about the package offered and all (or most) working conditions. Whatever you do, don’t ask questions about salary or vacation entitlements!

That tends to put recruiters off massively because nobody wants an employee that is concerned with the benefits before contributing anything to the company’s success.

Don’t feel like you must ask questions if you are comfortable with all the information you have at that stage. If you don’t have anything useful (for yourself and the other candidates) to say or ask, don’t ask anything at all.

6. Cliché talks during personal presentation

When doing your personal presentation and expressing your motivation for wanting to become a cabin crew, we recommend staying away from cliché reasons like “I want to travel the world and discover new cultures” or “I enjoy meeting new people”, etc.

Instead, focus on professional objectives that would benefit the airline while also contributing to your professional and personal development. What are you bringing to the airline better than or different from the other candidates.

7. Being soft spoken equals lack of confidence

Keep your voice and attitude balanced. If you are naturally soft-spoken, practice your presentation to make sure the tone of your voice denotes confidence and you don’t come across as being timid.

Timid people find it hard to be in a multicultural, customer service environment and it will make the recruiters think you aren’t suitable for the role.

8. Being arrogant

Quiet confidence is very attractive and it will earn the recognition and appreciation of the other candidates and recruiters.

9. Badmouthing your previous employer

If asked why do you want to leave your current job, avoid any negative talk about your previous/current employer. Focus on what you aim to achieve in your professional life and how the airline provides that opportunity while your previous employer (although a wonderful place to work for) unfortunately doesn’t offer the same perspective.

10. Being isolated from the other candidates

Socialise with the other candidates, be friendly and easily approachable and remember to always smile.

Although you might see the other applicants as competition, the recruiters will observe your capacity to interact with people that you don’t know.

If you find that hard to do among people you at least speak the same language with, the recruiters will think you won’t be able to adapt to a multicultural environment or be easily approachable by the passengers.

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