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Airline Recruitment Cheat Sheets

Everything You Need To Know About The Recruitment Process For Each Airline

Airline Recruitment Cheat Sheets give you updated information that is accurate, reliable and easy to follow. We spare you the research time and effort and bring you everything you need in one place. You will discover the recruitment process from A to Z specific to each airline, documents needed during every interview stage, direct links to the airline’s online application portal, a clear understanding of interview status changes and correspondence with the recruiters, airline history, current market position and expansion plan, cabin crew requirements and benefits and so much more.

Interview ToolKit

Easy To Follow Step-by-Step Videos & Guides On How To Pass Every Stage Of The Interview Process

CV/Resume & Photos: We provide you with perfect CV templates you can use straight away and detailed guidance on what information to include and what to leave out along with absolute Do’s and Don’ts for CV writing. In addition, the examples of perfect photos you can mirror will make sure your portfolio stands out from the crowd and impresses the recruiters.

Personal Presentation: We will help you overcome your fears and turn your presentation into a speech that inspires the recruiters. We give you key elements to focus on to avoid getting lost in unnecessary details, qualities and skills recruiters are most interested in and tips to increase your self-confidence and help you ace your presentation. We also empower you with structures you can use to build a memorable presentation that will help you engage and get the recruiters to notice your uniqueness.

Group Games, Role Plays & Scenarios:  In this section, you will find key elements the recruiters focus on as well as expert advice on how to evaluate yourself and what to improve. This is the stage where most candidates get eliminated during the Assessment Day, but our easy to follow formula allows you to deal with any role play scenario you might have. We give you real life exercises from previous interviews along with suggested solutions to help you be the perfect team player and breeze through this difficult stage.

Body Language & Posture: 93% of communication is done through body language and the recruiters will pay special attention to your body language and posture throughout the interview. In this guide you will discover how to come across as positive, friendly and confident, plus how to use your body language to send the correct message to the recruiters during the entire interview process.

Interview Attire: In this section, you will discover the most suitable attire you need to wear to impress the recruiters, clothing items you need to avoid, how to mirror the world-renowned airline image and how to groom yourself (makeup, hairstyle, accessories, etc.) according to the standard the airline sets for their existing cabin crew. Airlines invest millions of dollars in their image, the cabin crew are their global ambassadors and we will show you how to look the part!

50+ Real Interview Question & Answers: We give you real life questions and answers from past interviews and we provide you with a formula to craft superb answers so you’re ready to deal with any question the recruiters ask. We will also teach you how to connect with and amaze the recruiters, answer all their questions with 100% confidence, avoid stress, maintain a composed attitude and pass the last hurdle of your interview.

English & Maths Tests: You will find all the updated exercise types covered during interview stages of all major airlines. It will help you practice with real-life English and Maths tests given during previous recruitment drives. Practice makes perfect and we give you everything you need to sharpen your skills and become the perfect candidate.

Prepare For Take Off

Astonish The Recruiters With Additional Knowledge That Only Comes With Years Of Research, Experience & Expertise

Prepare For Take Off: Each airline invests thousands of dollars into interviewing, hiring, relocating and training every candidate. The recruiters constantly ask questions to see if you are aware of all the challenges that come once you are hired and if you are ready to cope with it all. Stay one step ahead of all the other candidates by learning details about the Middle Eastern culture, knowing what your relocation will entail and what to expect from your initial cabin crew training. We also explain time zone differences and the type of medical emergencies you can have once you start flying. This knowledge will turn you further into the perfect candidate while also making your relocation and initial training smooth as silk.

Online Hangouts & Webinars

Watch live online hangouts & webinars where we meet with our students who tune in from all over the world to ask us their questions, discuss their concerns and share priceless experiences from more recent interviews.

Our secret Facebook group is exclusively dedicated to our students and can be accessed by invitation only. It is the place where all our students come to find 24/7 support, answers to any cabin crew related questions and a heartfelt encouragement from a growing community that shares their passion for this amazing job. You have access to all the necessary support, you practice interview topics and make friends from all over the world.

 What Our Students Say About The Pass First Time Platform

Madalina – Romania

Etihad Cabin Crew

Luzaan – South Africa

Emirates Cabin Crew

I can finally also post my timeline as an Emirates Cabin Crew. I’ll be joining in April! A dream is becoming reality! I have to thank the amazing team at Cabin Crew Excellence for making it possible to prepare properly for this position! I don’t think I could’ve done this without the preparation information I found through them and the support! What a wonderful concept this platform is!

I’ve been a Cabin Crew Excellence member for just under a year now and it’s always been so inspiring and helpful! I will most definitely continue using it while doing my training.
Thank you!

Hello Tomorrow! :)

Simona – Slovakia

Emirates Cabin Crew

Dear Simona and Monica, I would like to thank you so much for helping my dream come true.😍😍😍 Thank you thank you thank youuuuu!!! I’m joining Emirates in March, I’m so excited and happy. I loved to follow your advice, it became part of my everyday routine and I know I couldn’t have done it without you. 👭 You are doing a great job with the Pass First Time Platform!! Can’t wait to send you more photos as Emirates Cabin Crew 👧. Wish me luck to pass my training course successfully, please 😆😆 I feel so blessed to have you standing by my side. Thank you so much!

All the best 💟 With love, Simona

Claudina – South Africa

Pass First Time Student

I was introduced to the Cabin Crew industry in October 2015 with great excitement and very little knowledge of what is expected of me. I rushed to finally get my CV  and 2 photos in order before the next interview. I never got an opportunity or invitation  to one of the open days so I started to do some research. I came across Monica and Simona at Cabin Crew Excellence and I  became interested in their online preparation guide. From my very first attempt approaching them, I was impressed with their warm personalities, dedication and willingness to guide me where needed. It was only then that  I discovered my resume and photos were not appropriate  for this application. After 3 photo shoot, I which I could have been introduced to Monica and Simona from CCE before rushing off and waisted a lot of time, effort and money. But never less, I purchased the Pass First Time Platform, the CV & Photo Editing Service and I couldn’t be more happier. It was definitely worth investing and did I mention their profesional  level of excellence, many dedicated experienced years of traveling as Cabin Crew and recruiters, all over the world?  Who better to guide you, than recruiters themselves? Quick service indeed,  after 2 days I received an email with my  Transformed Resume and photos  perfect  and Impeccable. Their video guides together with live online hangouts and all the information emails they send out weekly, make me so relaxed and gave me back my self confidence.  I know now  that I will land my dream job and will see you all in the sky soon. I am oober excited to participate in the next  Recruiting date where I will return to tell my exciting story. I am spreading my  wings soon, with all due respect to CCE with Monica and Simona’s 25 years experience of excellence in the aviation industry. With Much Appreciation, Claudina 

Dory – Kenya

Etihad Cabin Crew

After failing the interviews about four times, I stumbled on Cabin Crew Excellence online as I was doing my research about cabin crew jobs. I signed up on the site and paid for the online interview preparation course. This site gave me hope, it had pointers on the job and how to apply, how CV’s and photos should look like tailored for each airline, it has good advice and it gave me wisdom. I had my CV redone and I had my photos taken professionally, I also well equipped with knowledge. 

In November 3rd, 2015 I attended the Etihad OD in Paris and went through all the interview stages. This time I was successful!!! I passed all the stages and I signed my contract. Will be joining the national carrier of U.A. E on Jan 12th, 2015. Never give up!! Keep the passion burning!!

Ivan – Switzerland

Emirates Cabin Crew

Dear Monica, Simona and Cabin Crew Excellence, I would like to THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for your great support throughout my application process with Emirates. I am really proud to share my success with you ( a first try success). You gave me so much power by preparing me with the amazing tools you offer. You encouraged me by every single talk we had and the most important – YOU WHERE HERE FOR ME whenever I needed you.  Ladies, once again THANK YOU VERY MUCH for the amazing support. It would be a pleasure if I could meet you in person to celebrate my success with you. Hugs and kisses from Switzerland and of course BLUE SKIES ☀️


Despoina – Greece

Qatar Cabin Crew

To be honest I never ever imagined in my life that I could do it, to be selected from so many beautiful people. I failed the first time because I went there unprepared. I was really sad but then I realised that the problem wasn’t me but the fact I didn’t go prepared. I started to prepare myself but something was missing. I started asking for help but the truth is that no one could help me as much  Cabin Crew Excellence did. Totally professional, and they made me feel so confident for myself. One thing they made me realise was “you don’t have to try harder, you have to try smarter” and I won’t ever forget it, it’s my life motto now.. I am so thankful to you and your help, I can’t even express it with words. In less than a month I’m starting my training… thank you Cabin Crew Excellence!

Stevka – Slovakia

Emirates Cabin Crew


Hello dearest Monica and Simona, and whole  CCE team !

I am proud to share with you that I finally got THE GOLDEN CALL and the date of joining! My dear girls You showed once again that you are THE BEST in what you do and there is no words god enough to express my gratitude and respect towards you. WE did it,without YOU it wouldn’t be so fast and easy. :-* Love You!! Thanks once again and hope and I know that you will be there for me when it comes to do all necessary tasks and documents. Have a wonderful day from now on and as always, Blue skies

Kitti – Hungary

Emirates Cabin Crew

Dear Monica, Simona and Cabin Crew Excellence team. About a month ago I bought your Pass First Time Platform. You did an awesome job with my resume, I watched over and over your videos and I just love all of it. Why? Because it simply tells the truth :) I applied to become an Emirates cabin crew and I need to share the great news with you; they want me to work with them!! My timeline is pretty awesome. I had my AD on the 12th July, my FI on the 15th July and my golden call on the 28th July. I’m joining Dubai on the 16th October. Huge huge thank you!! Xoxo Kitti

Shaneice – The Caribbean

Pass First Time Student

You guys have been doing a magnificent job from the second I’ve ran into Cabin Crew Excellence, not once have I been disappointed with anything done or any decision made. I’m the type of person who it takes a lot to convince, but however from the moment I ran into Monica’s Video on ‘YouTube’ I was immediately swayed. *HighFive*. I failed at application stage the first time I’ve applied… I’ve applied to Etihad Airways, Emirates and also British Airways, never even got an invitation to an assessment day, all I got was the rejection emails. I’ll be very honest, what really convince me was ‘ I’m exactly that person Monica spoke about in her very video’ it was like someone told Monica about me, then told me to go watch her videos. That’s exactly how real it felt. Heehee!!! I was indeed taken by surprise, obviously because I’m one who failed taking advice from people who also ‘failed’ just as Monica mentioned in that said video. It’s was me 1000% (what do they know?!?, why should I listen to people who’s telling me they failed ten times and it’s normal?!?) Well, now I can say that because Cabin Crew Excellence taught me exactly what I need to know and the proper procedures to be taken in order to be successful. Really, I watched Monica’s video and with no hesitation I caught myself entering the website for cabin crew excellence. Long story short, I find the resources to be exceptionally helpful. I STRONGLY believe that my money has been well spent. Without a doubt. I’ve learnt way more than Ive expected to, Ive been going at my own pace and in my own time. I’m now fully aware why I failed at the application process and with the help of cabin crew excellence I’m pretty confident that I’ll be successful with my second submission. Additionally, together With The Pass First Time Platform I was able to order the correct attire pieces for my photos, just by looking at the images provided. Cabin Crew Excellence, thank you soooooo much again. You promised to deliver an advantageous product and you did. Keep up the exceptional work and Continue to put smiles on our faces. I’m convince that the help from you guys will help me land my dream Job with Etihad Airways. #Cheers :)

Gabriel – United Kingdom

Thomas Cook Cabin Crew

I received my Golden Mail today, and the confirmation that this is real. CCE, you believed in me when no one else did. You guys gave me the preparation I needed most, had patience with me, gave me all your heart and soul so I can stand happy today in front of you and say : I am a Cabin Crew!! This, would never happen without your priceless help, so all my immense gratitude and appreciation goes to you. You give me wings to fly and changed my whole life, forever. To everybody out there going after the same dream : Believe Always!! Day and night, Be stubborn and follow your heart, and pay attention to every single advice Cabin Crew Excellence will give you, because each one of it, is a step closer to your dream !!  And I am the living proof of this!!

Good luck to every single one of you and God Bless You!!  

Camilla – Brazil

Etihad Cabin Crew

Hi Monica & Simona, I’ve passed my interview!!!!! I am shaking, OMG I cannot believe it!!! I followed all your instructions and it worked perfect! Just wanted to share with you that I am flying to Abu Dhabi soon. Thank you so very much for your help and support. P.S. You are the first ones I am telling this to now. :) Thank you again!

Victoria – Greece

Emirates Cabin Crew

My name is Victoria. I have been following you with everything you have said and been following your tips! From the beginning I admired you both and was so humbled! I have been wanting to work as a cabin crew for all my life! I always had my heart on Emirates and I did my research watched your videos and when ever I saw your videos or received an email you both gave me a sense of hope and thank you so much for that! I am moving to Dubai on the 11th March! It was my first time ever to an Open Day  and through out the way I was thinking of your tips and I just want to thank you for being so wonderful and for helping people! I really hope that in the near future I will have the honour of meeting you both and to thank you with a big hug because I am so grateful!

Sincerely yours,

Victoria <3

Thibault – South Africa

Etihad Cabin Crew

Hello Cabin Crew Excellence

I would just like to thank you! I tried to apply online 3 times with Etihad. The third time was with the CV you made for me and I  got an invitation to the Assessment Day soon after I applied. I also just got the email today that I passed my final interview. It’s great that with your help (CV and video’s) I got this far. So THANK YOU for the good advice that you give to us all!

I will see you in the sky soon.

Elona – Russia

Pass First Time Student

I can’t  say that I have always wanted to be a crew,  but  one day I realised that it’s my dream job, and it takes my breath away. I remember the lucky day when I was searching on YouTube for more information about cabin crew life. I hoped to find something really worth reading and watching and I came across Cabin Crew Excellence video guides. I couldn’t believe my eyes as they were really interesting and professionally done. Well, weeks of searching were not in vain. I should say that I watched all of them at once. As soon as I realised that I found what I had been looking for, I decided to purchase the Pass First Platform. I had no doubts that was the right choice and absolutely worth investing in it and to be honest it exceeded my expectations. All the resources are very helpful, informative and detailed, so I managed to do everything I couldn’t do before. I keep on watching and reading my resources day by day, analysing and memorising the information, and I always find new details. I couldn’t even imagine I would find such an amazing resource and meet such people, who put their soul into their work. Thank you guys a lot, you are so professional, dedicated and sincere. Checking my everyday emails from you seems like getting letters from my distant  friends, who always support me. Every time I look through my account I understand how much work was done by the your team and it’s priceless. Now my CV is impeccable and I have no worries about what to expect at every stage of my Assessment Day. And as Monica says – being prepared is key. That’s true. I am more confident now, and what is more important ,I am on the right path. I can’t wait for the next online hangout. Honestly, now I have a strong sense of purpose and no fear can keep me from achieving my goals. For me being a cabin crew is not about working and earning my living, it’s about passion. Thank you CabinCrewExcellence for being those special people out there who make my dream come true and who can share my feelings, my passion. Cause you know, once you touch the sky you can’t live without it! Hope to see you on board! Blue skies! – Elona

Inette – South Africa

Emirates Cabin Crew

Hi guys, just thought I would let you know that I passed my FI and got my Golden Call. I DID IT! 

Oh by the way, the recruiter told me that I was the only one that had brought all the documents that she needed. She was very impressed. Thanks again ladies. You truly are number 1!

CV/Resume & Photo Editing Service

We Will Create Your Perfect Cabin Crew Interview CV & Edit Your Photos 


Your CV/Resume can make or brake your chances at receiving an invitation to attend an Assessment Day. We spare you the time and hassle and save you the pain and disappointment of rejection! In building you an impeccable CV, we commit to:

  • Write you a personalised, word-perfect English CV with no spelling or grammar mistakes

  • Structure the professional details you provide us with into a proven structure that has taken thousands of our students to interview success

  • Optimise the content of your original CV to fit into a brief, recruiter-friendly template


Your Photos need to speak a thousand words! Together with your CV, it will be your first point of contact with the recruiters and must be a perfect reflection of the mature, professional, friendly, customer-oriented, impeccably groomed, extremely flexible, wonderful person you are.

In preparing your perfect pictures for the interview, we commit to:

  • Provide you with all the photo requirements you need to meet for the airline you are applying for 

  • Give corrective feedback on the photos you submit for evaluation

  • Advise on either taking new photos or proceeding with the existing ones supplied

  • Discreetly edit your photos in Photoshop to even-out any background imperfection and make your photos perfect

Purchase Now & Unlock Everything You Need To Pass First Time!

Interview Success Is Only A Heartbeat Away For Those Who Dare To Dream & Plan!


We are 100% confident that you’re gonna love all the material in the platform, all the support we offer and the community we’ve built for you. If for any reason you are not satisfied, we promise to refund your money for the Pass First Time Platform within the first 30 days from your purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

the Pass First Time Platform

The platform is ideal for candidates looking to apply for a cabin crew job with one of the major airlines as well as for those who already applied for this job before and were unsuccessful.

The competition for a cabin crew job is fierce, approximately 97-98% of all applicants fail their interview at least once. We’ve gathered our 25 years of knowledge and experience as cabin crew trainers, recruiters and managers into the Pass First Time platform. If you are serious about passing your interview, the Pass First Time platform is the best source of accurate, updated information delivered by real life aviation professionals.

The best way to ensure you pass the interview first time or on your next attempt is to purchase the Pass First Time platform and proceed to check out. It’s that simple!

You can access your dedicated student dashboard at anytime, 24/7 throughout a period of 365 days from the date of purchase. The resources are mobile and tablet optimised and work on all devices for ease of use.

When you get closer to the end of your 365 day resource validity, you will be prompted to extend the period by making a new purchase if you wish. Since we are updating the resources on a monthly basis, we encourage our students to revisit the resources whenever they need.
There is NOTHING IN THE SMALL PRINT! We GUARANTEE this isn’t a monthly subscription and there are NO HIDDEN COSTS or further automatic deductions. It is a one time purchase of a resource that is available to you for the 365 day validity period. If you want more, you can choose to purchase more. Simple!
Visit your “My Account” section (top right corner on the website), where you will find your personal dashboard and a list of all the resources you’ve purchased.
Once you purchased your Pass First Time platform, you will gain access to your student account dashboard where you will find your hangout room access link along with the exact date and timing of the next scheduled session.
Yes, you can ask somebody else to make the purchase for you. As soon as the purchase is completed, send us a screen shot of the payment confirmation as well as the email/username you used to register to as a member. We will manually unlock your access to the Pass First Time platform and you will be able to start your preparation anytime you want.

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