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Are You Tall Enough To Be Cabin Crew?

Are You Tall Enough To Be Cabin Crew? Being a cabin crew is one of the most competitive professions nowadays and the job requirements that need to be met are many. One of them - your height and weight. Height is very important and is closely related to the safety aspect of the job. The aircraft’s safety and survival equipment is located in overhead compartments or in lower level deep storages, that is why you are required to have an extended arm reach to be able to grab that equipment. [...]

Lyze-I began my adventurous new life with Emirates Airlines eighteen months ago

I dare you to catch Lyze without a smile on her face! Beautiful, intelligent and contagiously positive, she might just be the perfect example of what an excellent cabin crew looks, thinks and acts like. In between flights, she sat down and shared with us a very insightful piece of herself. Reading through her interview, you will understand just how wonderful of a person she is. When did you start flying and why did you choose this profession? I began my adventurous new life with Emirates Airlines eighteen months ago.  After completing my Bachelors Degree [...]

A Day In The Life Of A Cabin Crew

A Day In The Life Of A Cabin Crew Hundreds of thousands dream about becoming cabin crew and take their chance at making their dream come true with one of the major airlines in the Middle East. It is a dynamic profession that offers countless opportunities for personal and professional development and brings every single city in the world within our reach. It is true that the sky is the limit for most. For us, the sky is our amazing playground and we get to enjoy the view from our office in [...]

Cabin Crew Job Requirements

Cabin Crew Job Requirements A Comprehensive List Of All The Major Airlines We receive more and more messages asking what are the requirements to become a cabin crew for one of the major airlines in the Middle East and Europe. Now, this is rightfully the first thing to know when thinking about a job in the aviation industry.  It is important to understand if you meet the minimum requirements of the airline(s) you wish to fly for or need to improve in certain areas. Because we know how time-consuming it is to research [...]

Your Cabin Crew Interview Road Map To Success

Your Cabin Crew Interview Road Map To Success When you fail to plan, YOU PLAN TO FAIL! Being a Cabin Crew in one of the major airlines in the Middle East is one of the most fiercely contested jobs in the world. With less than 10% of applicants actually getting hired, it’s no surprise that landing a job with Emirates Airlines is harder than getting a scholarship at Harvard!! With such high competition and over 200,000 yearly applications to each airline, these recruiters are spoilt for choice when it comes to [...]

Madalina – My Journey To Interview Success

MADALINA My Journey To Interview Success Like Many Little Girls, I've Always Wanted To Fly From an early age, aviation quickly became everything to me: passion, faith, optimism, devotion and everything in between. My passion for aviation wasn't born from a trip with the airplane. At 17 I decided, together with my best friend, to follow the aviation school in my country’s capital city. I had no idea what it meant since I had never even been a passenger on an aircraft and was oblivious to the fact that [...]

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