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5 MUST DO’s for your Open Day

5 MUST DO's For Your Open Day You are probably reading this because, like many hundreds of thousands around the world, you dream of becoming cabin crew with one of the major airlines of the world. You’ve prepared for this interview thoroughly (or so we hope), you have invested time and energy into becoming the ideal candidate and here comes crunch time: your Open Day. Here are 5 points to stick to when attending your first (or second, third, or umpteenth) interview with one of the award-winning airlines. [...]

Monica – She speaks 5 foreign languages and has stories and lived-through experiences to fill up volumes.

Monica is, simply, a beautiful person, inside and out, and as compassionate as they come. She loves a good chat about thought-provoking topics and always finds a different angle than most to look at things so she can see potential, opportunity and beauty in everything around. “Born To Fly” has to be Monica’s prime motto. With a wealth of cabin crew and management experience in both commercial and VIP aviation, today she dares us to change our perspective on the way we, cabin crew, tend to judge India based on our experiences during the flights into the many subcontinent destinations. [...]

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