I Don’t Know How To Swim

Can I Still Become A Cabin Crew?

We come across this question time and time again. One of the minimum requirements you will see listed in any of the major airlines is “Confident in water and able to swim without the aid of a flotation device” or something very similar.

So, do you have to know how to swim? The answer is unequivocally YES you do, at the time when you are hired.

You see, you aren’t asking the right question. A better way to understand if you could be rejected because you don’t know how to swim is to ask “Should I tell the recruiters during the interview that I don’t know how to swim?’. It depends… Is there a swimming test included in the interview process? If there isn’t, then the answer is NO! You shouldn’t tell the recruiters you don’t know how to swim. 

For those of you who don’t really know how the assessment with one of the major airlines goes, it is important to know that during the interview you are not tested on your ability to swim (unless you are applying for Singapore Airlines 😉 ). 

The only time when you will have to prove you can swim is after getting hired and after completing your initial safety and service training. That’s approximately 6 to 7 weeks from the date of joining, when you will undergo your simulator (practical) training.

During your simulator training, you will go through all the drills learned in theory. You will have to jump into a temperature-controlled swimming pool while wearing a pretty baggy overall, stay afloat for a few good minutes, board a slide raft and help all your colleagues into the raft. Sounds intense? It is, but a lot of fun also!

So, let’s start over. You don’t know how to swim. If asked during the interview, try to resist the urge to be honest and don’t disclose this detail to the recruiters.

No, we aren’t teaching you to lie! We are teaching you to be smart and not blow your chances at getting offered your dream job. Once you get that happy call or email saying you did get the job, hit your local swimming pool and start taking intensive swimming lessons!

You will have at least a month between the successful email/call and the time when you will relocate to your new home. That means plenty of time for you to get comfortable (even confident) to be in the swimming pool without any floatation device. 😉

It goes the same for all the other minimum requirements. If you don’t meet them all  yet but it is within your power to get to that point, make sure you do everything you can to qualify so you can turn your dream into reality.

If you can’t swim, learn how to swim! If you are a bit overweight, loose those extra pounds! Just coloured your hair in electric blue because that’s the trend this summer? Colour it back to your natural colour before your interview!

It is a very small price to pay for getting to do something you’ve been dreaming about for so long.

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