The fact that the cabin crew community is mainly populated by us, women, is no secret. As it turns out, approximately 75% of the worldwide cabin crew population are female and 25% are male crews.

Right … so mostly women in long metal tubes wandering around at 40.000 FT… Doesn’t that sound calm and peaceful and stuff? 😀 Well, for the most part, flights go uneventful when it comes to crew …situations. But you get a fair share of gossip, attitude and drama and with that comes conflict.

Whether you are directly involved in it or are just witnessing one, it is good to have a plan on dealing with it (or mediating it) as efficient as possible.

First off, prevention is better than cure. So avoid, avoid, avoid! Always be courteous towards everybody around you, fellow cabin crews included. Remember that “leave your personal problems at the aircraft door” is easier said than done. Be considerate, most often a bad attitude is just the result of a personal problem weighing that person down and surfacing in the form of bad mood or rudeness.

If you tried your best to avoid it and it hasn’t worked, there’s a way for you to LEAD the conflict. Here’s how:


Whatever the situation, ask the person you are conflicting with what seems to be the problem. Maybe you’ve done or said something wrong without even realising?.. Listen actively, take genuine interest in the situation. Ask questions to understand what exactly is happening and nod occasionally to let the other person know he/she has all your attention.


with your colleagues. Let her/him know that you understand how it feels to be in a certain situation. That will validate their feelings and will make them feel comfortable to open up to you even further. Most often than not, the problem is already solved once crew get to pour their hearts out to somebody that is willing to listen, understands and shows genuine caring.


the available options for a solution. What can you both do to improve the situation?


Agree on the best way to go about things so everybody can feel comfortable and continue to support your cabin crew team without further discussions.

When you try to find the source of the problem rather than deal with the effects, you deal with the root cause and, once solved, the problem is very unlikely to re-surface.

Spread positivity and good vibes wherever you go and you’ll attract more of the same from everybody around you.