Group Games

Are You Doing The Right Thing?

If you dream about becoming a cabin crew and you are preparing for your interview day, you already know that one of the tests included in the Assessment Day of all airlines is the Group Games stage.

This part is one of the most stressful for the candidates and is also one of the most important parts of the selection process.

Recruiters observe you closely during this stage because it will reveal character traits that you cannot practice or simulate.

You will tend to get so caught up in the game task, you will lose focus of the most important aspects of the test. What can you do? Here are a few tips on how to deal with the group game scenarios to make sure you meet the recruiters’ expectations.

1. Read the task carefully

Underline all the key points to make sure you don’t miss any important details. Those might help you find the best solution to the game and within the time frame given. It is a good idea to also review the key points out loud to make sure all the team members understand the task and you are all working in the same direction.

2. Establish a group plan

Everything we do (cooking a meal, building a house, taking a trip, etc.) requires an initial plan. If you don’t have a plan and each member of your group acts as an individual rather than a team, there will be chaos and you will not deal with the task in the best possible way.

3. Think “WE” instead of “ME”

Get everybody involved! You are all different persons with different knowledge and ideas. When you join efforts, your group has more skills, better ideas and all the experience of your team members will help your group perform best.

If you notice that one of the group members is very quiet, discreetly and politely draw him/her in and encourage the person to share their own opinions or suggestions. Together Each Achieves More (TEAM), right? It is enough to invite him/her to participate once only; if you insist more than that you could make the person feel uncomfortable and that will defeat the purpose of your good intention.

4. Time management 

Make sure you stay within the timeframe given by the recruiters. It is best if one of the group members is chosen to keep track of time. If nobody else offered already and everybody agrees, you can offer to take that responsibility. If you do commit to keep track of time, make sure you don’t forget about it. Give the group a reminder when you are getting close to “time out” by saying “Everybody, we have X minutes left”.

5. Maintain positive communication and body language

Try not to use any negative phrasings, especially when referring to other people’s suggestions or ideas. Your body language must also be open and positive. Arms crossed in front of you, leaning back in your seat or gesturing too much can tell the recruiters that you are not open to communication, bored or very aggressive.

6. Be considerate of everybody’s opinions and suggestions

That is closely connected with the indications in point 5 above. Your consideration towards everybody around must be felt in the way you speak, sit or interact with the team. Share your opinions and suggestions with the group but allow others to do the same and when they do, occasionally show appreciation by saying things like “That is a very good idea/suggestion” or “Thank you for pointing that out, that is a good observation”.

Remain considerate even if you don’t agree with other people’s opinions or suggestions.

Don’t argue, this isn’t about being better than the others. It is about your ability to work in a team in a mature, productive way and reach a solution to the task while also maintaining a very positive atmosphere within the team.

7. Stay away from extremes

Don’t be all quiet and isolated while simply following everybody’s indications.

At the same time, don’t be loud, bossy or disrespectful. There would be no possible excuse or justification for it!

The best approach is a composed, balanced one. Bring your contribution to the team in a neutral way.

It is ok to disagree with other people’s opinions and suggestions as long as you do’t disagree with everybody or do it in an aggressive way.

8. Don’t look at the recruiters for an indication on how you are performing

In fact, pay no attention to the recruiters and just focus on your team and your contribution to the group effort. The recruiters will assess you non stop. If you don’t focus on what you need to do, the recruiters’ evaluation of you will be very poor.

Make sure you prepare and practice in advance. If you just follow indications robotically and try to learn things by heart, you will appear rigid, stressed and unnatural and that is not a good thing.

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