My Journey To Interview Success

When we first met Gabriel online, it was immediately clear that his passion for aviation and the determination to become a cabin crew were far beyond obtaining a job.

Gabriel is 38, he is Romanian but lives and works in the UK and before even becoming one, he’s always been a cabin crew at heart.

You can only understand his will power and determination when you consider he’s been going after his dream for close to 4 years. Occasionally, the natural “Should I give up?” thought would creep in, but he chased it away every time and went after his passion with even more belief than before.

6 months after meeting Cabin Crew Excellence, he made us proud when he announced he got his Golden Call from one of the prestigious airlines of Europe. This is Gabriel’s brief take on his journey to interview success.

Why Cabin Crew?

Because I’m too big a disaster at math to become a pilot 😀 , and because it was the only way to combine my two biggest passions: customer service and flying.

You’re one of the most determined applicants we’ve met so far, so this must truly be a dream job for you.

You are right, it’s everything to me. It’s not just a “job”, it’s a lifestyle, an opportunity that flips your entire existence upside down, and there is nothing else I want to do in life.

It’s been a 4-year ride with quite a few interview turbulences. What kept you going in your determination to become a cabin crew?

I had complete trust in my guts, that this is what I really want. I believed I had so much to contribute in a cabin crew role and I did everything that was humanly possible to achieve it.

I must admit that I passed through some really difficult moments of frustration, misery and doubts, asking myself if it wouldn’t be better to just stop.

But I always followed my instinct, my inner voice telling me to keep going no matter what and I am so happy to know that I was right.

What were the most challenging parts of your interviews?

Looking back today I will say the final interview is the hardest part. You are almost there and you know it, but at the same time you aren’t there yet.

You can still be eliminated, so the emotional pressure is huge!! Every single thing you do or say can be your last opportunity to make it count – I had this feeling more than once.

Based on your experience, do you think the general advice found online of “smile and be yourself” is enough to pass such a competitive recruitment process?

Honestly, I don’t believe this is enough at all. It is a bit naïve to think it would be, considering the competition.

It is part of the whole process, yes, but definitely not enough to be successful. You must be very well prepared, you must present yourself as impeccable as you can, you must have an extended level of knowledge about the company itself, about the interview and how to deal with every stage. Your resume must be perfect, and you must have the right balance in your overall attitude.

Recruiters have expectations! If you don’t know what those are and how to meet them, you get left behind again and again.

To what extent has the Cabin Crew Excellence online training contributed to your success?

Cabin Crew Excellence was vital to me! There are no doubts at all about this in my mind and in my heart, and not just because of the high level of correct information that I always received with so much dedication and love, but also because of the right motivation that has been given to me at all levels. Always there for me, to teach me more, to push me more, to be better, almost like a trainer prepare an athlete for the Olympics.

Without you guys and all the help I received from the Pass First Time Platform, without your love and dedication to my success, I wouldn’t be here, simple as that!

I will never stop thanking you all, and holding you in my heart as my dearest friends.

I truly want to take you guys as examples and one day to train others, help them find their own battle on the way to cabin crew success. So you see… you guys simply changed my life 100% for the better! :)

What did you feel when you received your Golden Call, followed by the Golden Email?

I started to scream!!! I was in a post office but I didn’t care. That’s the honest truth. When I left the post office, I felt drunk with happiness and felt like I’m floating on the street. I wasn’t enable to produce even the most elementary thoughts in the first 5 minutes, I had to stop walking and get together, trying to regain control over myself.

The emotions were something I’ve never experienced until that moment, I was feeling like I went from a simple guy to a million $$$ lottery winner or an Oscar winner. 😀 😀 News like this was simply mind blowing, and it took some time to process it and calm down. Satisfaction, relief, gratitude towards heaven and the people that helped me, pure happiness, overjoy – these are just a few of the things I felt and the feeling hasn’t left me for many, many days. :)

What’s one destination you aim to visit now that you are part of the wonderful cabin crew community?

Actually none in particular, I have always been a traveler. I’ve always had a suitcase ready, just in case.

I believe that when you visualize life, as you want it to be, and live your dream before it even comes true, the universe conspires to make it happen for you. And so I’ve always given the universe a little helping hand.

I must admit that traveling the world wasn’t my main motivation to become cabin crew though, meeting tons of people and making their day beautiful was. So I will take it one day at a time, I’ll be present in the moment and wherever life (and my airline) might take me, I will be happy nonetheless.

I want to explore and discover every single place I will be taken to, happy and grateful as a kid :) but If I must choose one destination, then I will say Los Angeles because on my travels to the States, I’ve never made it that far.

What’s the most important piece of advice you have for aspiring cabin crew?

It’s really hard to give advice to someone else, you know. I’m sure there are people better informed and prepared than me, but I will say this…

Preparation and Determination are the keys to succeed. Never stop searching for information. Search for the best teachers, the very best team that you can find out there! In my humble opinion, Cabin Crew Excellence is the Best, so exploit their knowledge and learn from them!

Repeat again and again what you’ve learned, start your life from 0 again, as you would as a cabin crew in every aspect of daily life. Then, the right mindset is also essential! Act, talk, behave, live and breathe like a cabin crew. And when you’ll want to succeed as much as you want to breathe, you’ll put every effort into it and success will unravel before you.

A few words of wisdom from your side, Gabriel?

The right motivation is everything to get to the finish line and be successful in this super competitive industry. So no matter what others tell you, if YOU truly feel in your heart that this is what you want, really want, and you are ready to fight for this dream, even on your knees, no matter what happens, then GO FOR IT, never Stop!

Failure might be part of your process, but if you fail forward, if you learn from every mistake you make, if you stay focused on your goal, you will make it!! Granted!!

I am standing before you as the living proof that nothing matters, not your age, not your degree or the country you came from, just thorough preparation, belief in yourself and a very strong motivation to go after your dream!

*Gabriel will soon don the beautiful Thomas Cook uniform and will take to the sky for the adventure of his life.

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