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Your Practical Guide To Dealing With Jet Lag

We often hear among fellow crew members that jet lag is just a state of mind. Science however demonstrated that jet lag is actually a temporary disorder with a variety of symptoms like [...]

7 Amazing Hotels You Must Visit During Your Cabin Crew Journey

As cabin crew we are fortunate to travel the world and get paid for the pleasure of doing so. Some of these hotels may be outside our budgets, but if you ever get [...]

[Video] Arabic Coffee Service Protocol

VIP Cabin Crew Interview Roadmap To Success: Click Here >>

10 Cabin Crew Beauty Tips For Long Haul Flights

Looking back I realise that when we started flying, over a decade ago, we weren't quite as spoiled with useful information, tips and tricks on how to stay healthy, fit and always looking [...]

Latest Trend In Cabin Crew Photos

Ok, we all know that being cabin crew is not the easiest job in the world. We need to be waitresses, psychologists, shoulders to cry on, nannies, fire fighters, paramedics, teachers or police [...]

How To Save Money If You Are A Cabin Crew

The big dream of becoming a cabin crew has come true! You joined one of the major airlines. The first couple of months were tough, but now you finally started to fly [...]

Cabin Crew Lingo – Explained

If you’ve traveled at least once on board an airplane, you must have heard multiple public announcements or cabin crew talk in terminology that doesn't really make much sense to the regular passenger [...]

Men In Black Safety Defenders Air New Zealand Safety Video

At Air New Zealand, we’re #CrazyAboutRugby. So for our latest inflight safety video, we called upon some very special Men In Black to brief our passengers. Created in partnership with Sony [...]

This remarkable lady has been an active crewmember for over 57 Years!

Name: Bette Nash She has seen, first hand, all the transitions suffered by the profession from the early 60s onwards. “Everybody needs a little love” she says, with a generous smile and a contagiously [...]

7 things passengers should never do when they fly

Want to make sure your food is safe to eat when you fly? J Read on to find out how to keep it that way. Remember that cabin crews hold the supreme power on [...]

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