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Monica has over 15 years experience in both commercial and private aviation, as well as detailed expertise in cabin crew recruitment and training. The Cabin Crew Excellence platform is a fun and informative reflection of their incredible passion for the aviation industry. Within the platform, you will find the most comprehensive guidance towards passing your cabin crew interview first time. We believe that when you work hard, you get to play harder and we aim to inspire you to achieve your dream of flight, become a better version of yourself and make the most of your cabin crew journey.

Are You Tall Enough To Be Cabin Crew?

Are You Tall Enough To Be Cabin Crew? Being a cabin crew is one of the most competitive professions nowadays and the job requirements that [...]

Lyze-I began my adventurous new life with Emirates Airlines eighteen months ago

I dare you to catch Lyze without a smile on her face! Beautiful, intelligent and contagiously positive, she might just be the perfect example of what an excellent cabin crew looks, thinks and [...]

A Day In The Life Of A Cabin Crew

A Day In The Life Of A Cabin Crew Hundreds of thousands dream about becoming cabin crew and take their chance at making their dream come true with [...]

Cabin Crew Job Requirements

Cabin Crew Job Requirements A Comprehensive List Of All The Major Airlines We receive more and more messages asking what are the requirements to become a cabin crew for [...]

Cabin Crew Lingo – Explained

If you’ve traveled at least once on board an airplane, you must have heard multiple public announcements or cabin crew talk in terminology that doesn't really make much sense to the regular passenger [...]

Your Cabin Crew Interview Road Map To Success

Your Cabin Crew Interview Road Map To Success When you fail to plan, YOU PLAN TO FAIL! Being a Cabin Crew in one of the major airlines [...]

Men In Black Safety Defenders Air New Zealand Safety Video

At Air New Zealand, we’re #CrazyAboutRugby. So for our latest inflight safety video, we called upon some very special Men In Black to brief our passengers. Created in partnership with Sony [...]

Madalina – My Journey To Interview Success

MADALINA My Journey To Interview Success Like Many Little Girls, I've Always Wanted To Fly From an early age, aviation quickly became everything to me: [...]

(Video) VIP Cabin Crew Job Tips For Success!

VIP Cabin Crew Job Tips For Success! DOWNLOAD NOW & BECOME A VIP Monica is cabin crew director for one of the largest [...]

Junie – Joyfulness Of An Innocent Child Yet The Professionalism Of A Well Experienced Cabin Crew.

She has the joyfulness of an innocent child yet the professionalism of a well-experienced cabin crew. Junie has been flying for Royal Jordanian for 8 years now and has been entrusted by the airline [...]

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