Am I Too Old To Become Cabin Crew?

Many newbies to the aviation industry wonder about the minimum and maximum age limitations for the cabin crew profession.

Age is an important criteria for all airlines around the world. However, the age limitations are different depending on each airline and the country or part of the world where it is based.

So, can your age affect your chances at getting your dream job?


If you apply for airlines based in Europe (such as Ryanair, EasyJet, Wizz Air, British Airways, etc.), you must be 18 years old at the time of your application.

The maximum age is usually not mentioned or tends to be flexible and depends on how relevant the candidate’s previous experience is to the aviation industry. Previous flying or hospitality (restaurant, hotel, etc.) experience are always a bonus.

Middle East (most airlines)

In the Middle East, things are slightly different, with the minimum age being 21 years old.

If you haven’t turned 21 yet, you can still apply if your 21st birthday will be within the coming 3 months (maximum). You just have to remember that if you haven’t turned 21 but pass all your interview stages, you will not be allowed to join the airline until you have officially turned 21.

Keep in mind that you can risk loosing the opportunity if you apply too early before turning 21.

If you pass the interview with companies like Qatar Airways, Emirates, Etihad or Fly Dubai you must join within 6 months from the date of getting your successful call/email. If, for any reason, you can’t join during the 6 month period, the job offer will likely be withdrawn and you will have to start over with the application process.

Our advice: only apply once you’ve already turned 21 or with maximum 1 or 2 months before your 21st birthday.

If you are interested in Oman Air, you have to be minimum 23 and not older than 30 years old to qualify for the cabin crew role.

To fly for Air Arabia (the low cost carrier based in Sharjah, UAE) you have to be minimum 20 and maximum 28 years of age.

Saudi Arabia

If you are looking to work for Saudi Arabian Airlines, you must be minimum 22 years old or maximum 30 years old at the time of application.

SaudiGulf Airlines (the domestic carrier planned to operate within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) follows the same minimum age limit with most Middle Eastern airlines of 21 years old.

If there is no mention of a maximum age limit for any of the above airlines, it means there is no officially announced maximum limit.

It is a known fact that airlines prefer to hire younger candidates because they are considered a longer term investment.

In theory, the younger you are, the longer you will stay with the airline and the cost invested in hiring, relocating and training you is that much more worth the while.

Although candidates aged 32 – 34 still get accepted, it is always better to start applying as early as possible (once you’ve reached the minimum age required) in order to maximise your chances at success.

The competition for a cabin crew role with one of the major airlines is higher than in any other profession or field we know of.

So irrespective of your age, make sure to prepare for the interview to stand out from the hundreds of thousands going after your dream job every single year.

Private Aviation

When it comes to corporate cabin crew age limits, things aren’t as black and white. The requirements are different from company to company and even from one private jet owner to another within the same company.

Some owners prefer younger candidates while others want seasoned cabin crew because they find them more reliable and committed.

Whether you are pursuing a VIP cabin crew job or are just looking to start off in one of the commercial airlines, the key is being the right person at the right time and having the correct knowledge and skill set to impress the recruiters or aircraft owner.

We wish you continued success and look forward to meeting you in the sky.

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