Want to make sure your food is safe to eat when you fly? J Read on to find out how to keep it that way.

Remember that cabin crews hold the supreme power on board. Passengers might think they do (sometimes even the pilots get caught up in this fantasy), however the hand that serves the food, is the hand that rules the world!

On a positive note, the life of a cabin crew is fantastic, for the most part!

We travel the world and get to stay in some of the most welcoming hotels, all while being paid for the ride.

On the flip side though, working with people isn’t the easiest thing in the world and passengers can really bring out the worst in us.

Here are the top 7 things cabin crew would love passengers to “take on board”.

1. Don’t ask the cabin crew to put your bag in the overhead bin

Yes, cabin crews are here to help and we happily assist with the baggage storing, provided you ask politely and don’t expect us to lift your 10 kg bag all on our own.

It is always very surprising to see passengers suddenly lose the use of their arms when they get onboard the aircraft.

You had the strength to drag that bag all the way from your home, but somehow cant bring yourself to put it up above your seat!

First you lifted it into your car, unloaded it at the airport and pinned it by your side in the airport.

You then checked-in the heaviest of your luggage and left yourself with the lightest, smallest bag to carry onto the plane.

You happily took it through security, tucked it under the table at the bar when you went for a pre-flight beverage, now it’s the final step and all you have to do is put it in the overhead compartment…

Cabin crew are known to develop lower back problems after a few years on the job and lifting passenger luggage is one of the major contributing factors. We have hundreds of passengers to assist on a daily basis, you only have your own bag to lift.

So next time you’re on board, be a sport, bend over and lift it, I promise it won’t kill you!

2. Never ignore the seatbelt sign

“Please take your seat and fasten your seatbelt”

This is the number #1 cardinal sin and we all have to put our hands up and admit we are culprits.

You have most likely flown many times before so you should know better by now.

The seatbelt signs are lit in bright lights from the moment you step onboard.

Passengers come in many forms of “annoying” when they first get on board.

You have those who wont sit down and love to go around making small talk with anyone and everyone during boarding. That slows down the flow considerably, not to mention interferes with the cabin crew duties during one of the busiest phases of the flight.

Then you have those who, upon landing into the airport of destination, are too excited to wait for another 10 minutes until the aircraft reaches its parking position and the seatbelt sign is off.

They insist to get up, take their bag from the overhead bin (which suddenly isn’t too heavy anymore) and block the isle waiting to get off.

Whether you realize it or not, cabin crews don’t summon you via public announcements to take your sit and wait patiently just for fun.

They do it because, in case of emergency, your big bag blocking the isle can and will slow down a possible evacuation and people can end up dead or seriously injured. All for 10 extra minutes of waiting and a little bit of discipline!..

So when you see the bright seatbelt sign on, please abide by it from the time you board, until you leave the aircraft.

3. Stop using your mobile phone once the plane leaves the gate

When cabin crew see that your phone is not turned off, their smile fades away and they suddenly transform!

The radio signal emitted by mobile phones often interferes with the aircraft’s navigational system, endangering the safety of everyone on board, just so you can send an “lol”, “we’re about to take off” or any other silly text that can surely wait.

Make sure you send your “ttyl” before you step on the plane and switch off your phone as soon as you have taken your seat on board.

It’s really that simple!

4. Don’t complain for no reason or make silly demands with the excuse that you paid for a ticket

However difficult it might be for you to understand, options on board are limited in every aspect.

Although every single passenger has likely paid for a full fare ticket, it is practically impossible to offer each one of you a seat with extra legroom or a baby bassinet for your infant, your first meal choice or unlimited amounts of food and beverage portions.

We get just as frustrated when we have to say No to a passenger and would surely prefer to make everybody equally happy during every flight.

5. Don’t pretend the plane is a five star restaurant

Surprising as it might be, we don’t have a gourmet chef in the back galley ready to whip up signature dishes on request.

When cabin crew say meat or fish, we really don’t mean steak and chunky chips with peppercorn sauce or grilled seabass with a white wine reduction.

Aircraft food (especially in economy class) might not be the best, but then again the amount of money from your ticket fair allocated for inflight food and beverage is not exactly 50% of the total cost.

If your expectations are way above this standard, we recommend an early upgrade to business or first class. That will save you all the reasons to complain and it will save us the pain of listening to it.

6. Pressing buttons like they are going out of fashion

Every time you press that service call button, you drain a little bit of life out of the cabin crew who has to attend to it.

If you cant get out of your seat, we are happy to assist at any time during the flight.

It’s the call bells that come right as we finished serving you a 2 course meal only to ask where is the nearest toilet or what time are we landing that really get to us.

Do us (and yourself) a favor, take a walk to the nearest galley and ask the crew for whatever it is you might need.

The benefits of walking around during the flight are well known, especially during a long flight or if you are a frequent flyer. So get that blood circulating whenever you have a question or request that isn’t urgent.

7. Stop being an irresponsible parent

We are always taken back by parents ignoring their children’s crying, being oblivious to their little ones being bored during a long flight or by their requests to serve underage children coffee or coca cola.

It is surely not our place to judge, we would just love to see all parents being proactive and doing a little research on how to keep their kiddos happy during a flight (especially a long one) or knowing what’s good or bad for their little ones and not give into their innocent requests (for coffee or sugar-packed fizzy drinks).

In Conclusion

Having said all of the above, you can rest assured we won’t be poisoning your food if you don’t comply. We might…well … enhance its flavor a little bit (laxative powder is part of our standard travel kit J), enough to keep you busy with other stuff and away from us or other passengers you might be bothering.

Now sit back, relax and enjoy your flight with us today!

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