5 MUST DO’s For Your Open Day

You are probably reading this because, like many hundreds of thousands around the world, you dream of becoming cabin crew with one of the major airlines of the world.

You’ve prepared for this interview thoroughly (or so we hope), you have invested time and energy into becoming the ideal candidate and here comes crunch time: your Open Day. Here are 5 points to stick to when attending your first (or second, third, or umpteenth) interview with one of the award-winning airlines.

1. Arrive early!

What is the official event starting time, the one listed on the airline’s website (and our Recruitment Calendar 😉 )?.. Whatever the announced time, make sure you arrive at the venue at least 30 minutes early so you don’t miss the start of the day.

Yes it is an OD and you might think you can show up at any hour in the time frame announced. But the recruiters will only lay the day’s foundation ONCE. At the beginning of the day, they will meet and greet all the candidates and will explain how each candidate will submit their CV & photos and how you get to know if you’ve been selected to attend the Assessment Day or can go home and try again at the next OD. If you are late, you will have to start asking around for this information and you will end up getting short versions of what other candidates understood from the recruiters.

2. Dress for the occasion!

This is another detail you find on the airlines’ website (or the invitation email you receive to attend the event) and among our resources and it is pretty straight forward. Despite that, many candidates still come dressed completely inappropriate. A very loose suit, a short skirt or a pair of shoes more suitable for a night out with the girls rather than an interview, extravagant makeup or accessories (scarves, jewellery, etc.) in excessive amount, too colourful and not matching the outfit at all are still issues we see at interviews more often than we wish.

Remember that you only get between 30 seconds and 2 minutes with the recruiters at this stage. The message you can send with an inappropriate attire is more complex than you think, from saying you can’t be bothered to making the recruiters doubt your maturity and ability to commit to such a demanding job.

3. Bring the right documents

A well structured, concise CV and photos that meet the airline’s requirement is the minimum set you need to carry during any OD. Other documents (passport copy, education certificates, etc.) are also required at later stages and we always encourage you to prepare all the documents in advance and have it with you right from the OD.

Very few follow that advice and too many candidates present themselves with a badly organised CV or photos that are over-edited, in the wrong outfit or with the wrong attitude. There are also candidates that show up only with their CV and not carrying any pictures altogether. 

4. Smile and socialise with everybody

Stress and nervousness are imminent and every shade of normal you can think of. So if you are nervous, sweaty palms and all, you are not alone. Don’t let that keep you away from all the other candidates, completely isolated or with the person (mother, father, siblings, best friend or partner) that came to support you during the interview. Cabin crew are expected to be sociable, friendly people remember? Be aware of your shyness, overcome your fear or timidity and make friends among the other candidates.

5. Get your cabin crew mindset right!

This might be the most important piece of advice we can give you. You (hopefully) got your CV and photos right, you’re wearing the right outfit and carrying all your documents, you’ve prepared for your interview weeks in advance and all you need to do is bring all that knowledge, confidence and preparation into an interview-winning attitude.

If you are attending with the thought: I’ll give it a go and see what comes out, forget it!

If you just heard that flying is cool, fun and glamorous and that’s why you are attending, forget it!

Already having a cabin crew’s mindset is important and having all the passion and dedication to the profession will bring you that much closer to achieving your dream.

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