Looking back I realise that when we started flying, over a decade ago, we weren’t quite as spoiled with useful information, tips and tricks on how to stay healthy, fit and always looking fresh and beautiful.

It was the age of trial and error and what we learned from our own experiences we shared within the community through word of mouth.

Whether you’re just starting off your flying career or already earned your wings, here are 10 of our learned trades to keeping healthy, fresh and beautiful during your long haul flights.

1. Use paraben-free face and body lotions or makeup products as much as possible. Those will be more forgiving with your skin during the long hours you spend in the dry environment of the aircraft cabin. Moisturising Body Milk.

2. Remove your make up if you are taking inflight rest. Use an alcohol-free cleanser and apply a hydrating mask. My favourite 2 products for this routine are the Clarins makeup remover and this amazing Regenerating cream from Decleor. Remember to change the pillow cover when you wake up, the next crew taking rest will have to apply their own face mask and not use yours that’s now sticking to the pillow.

3. Apply a hydrating body moisturiser before going to bed and use cotton, linen or wool pyjamas. If nothing keeps your skin quite hydrating, particularly for long haul flights, give Vaseline a try. You can find it in any supermarket across the Middle East and it does work wonders.

4. Before re-applying your makeup use again your cleanser, moisturise and apply an eye serum to help your eyes look vibrant and fresh. Decleor Prolagene Lift.

5. Avoid waterproof mascaras as those dry out the lashes inflight and make sure you wash it off your lashes without rubbing your eye makeup remover on your under eye area. The friction will redden your eyes and the product might get into your pores.

6. If you feel the air is too dry in the crew bunk, carry a wet towel to keep over your mouth and nose when falling asleep or bring a mineral water face mist and spray it on your face occasionally.

7. Walk around the cabin (if passengers are miraculously asleep and you are enjoying a little bit of downtime) or do circulatory exercises in the galley, especially before landing. It wont only help your blood circulation (the effects of which you will feel in the long run) but it will also give you rosy cheeks and help you look fresh-faced.

8. Carry a dry shampoo to help your hair look clean and full of volume after inflight rest. If you’re anything like me, you will feel your hair is filthy after every single flight. That’s because of the cabin environment, although you might argue that it’s only in my mind :). That will also work miracles on post-flight dirty hair so you can catch up with your friends or go for a nice dinner with the crew immediately after reaching your hotel.

9. Brush your hair with a wooden brush to avoid static electricity making your hair all moody. If you get the time to brush your hair for a little longer, the brush bristles will massage your scalp quite nicely – that’s one of my favourite routines, especially after flight.

10.Try to stick with water based foods (like fruits and vegetables) so you can hydrate your body from within while also keeping it well nourished with antioxidants and fibres to avoid bloating.