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The Cabin Crew Interview Road Map To Success

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When you fail to plan, YOU PLAN TO FAIL!

Being a Cabin Crew in one of the major airlines in the Middle East is one of the most fiercely contested jobs in the world. With less than 10% of applicants actually getting hired, it’s no surprise that landing a job with Emirates Airlines is harder than getting a scholarship at Harvard!!

With such high competition and over 200,000 yearly applications to each airline, these recruiters are spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting the best candidates. So in a crowd of hundreds of thousands of candidates, how do you make yourself stand out as having the potential to deliver cabin crew excellence?

The answer is in your pre-interview preparation!! Expert planning, knowledge and preparation are the most important factors to make sure you carve your name into that jump-seat and book your ticket to a new life on the other side of the world.

Kudos to those candidates who are taking the time and energy to invest whatever it takes into their future! They know that a little time, energy and money invested upfront is worth the rewards of the cabin crew lifestyle, especially when flying for one of the most prestigious airlines on the planet.

Less Than 5% Of Applicants Get Offered A Job With Emirates

So How Do The Best Candidates Show They Have Cabin Crew Excellence??

First, they know everything there is to know about the recruitment process of the airline they are applying for. Since you need to know which hurdles you need to jump in order to jump them, it makes sense that the first part of your preparation is learning the airlines’ requirements and recruitment stages.

With critical parts such as:

  • How to make a perfect CV/Resume?
  • How to take the perfect photos (background, body posture, attire, hairstyle and makeup)?
  • Where do you go to submit your online application?
  • Which documents do you need to bring for a CV drop-off or an Assessment day?  (hint: it’s more than just your CV and photos 😉 )
  • What is the structure of an Open & Assessment Day for each airline?
  • What are you expected to do to impress?..

… and so much more…we are barely touching on some of the most important aspects of the entire process. 

Once you know the essential parts of the recruitment process, you now need to learn how to pass the obstacles and do that better than all the other candidates!!

It’s key to know each airlines’ recruitment process in detail, however there are seven key stages that all airlines in the Middle East have in common.

1. CV/Resume & Photos

Your CV/Resume and photos must be impeccable and they must match the recruiters criteria EXACTLY. If they don’t, your application will end up in the recycling bin in a split second.

With over 200,000 applications per year, it means that each recruiter has exactly one split second to decide if they will even bother to read your CV or not. Before even looking at it, they will likely look at your photos. If they don’t speak the recruiter’s language, your chances end right there! Yes, it’s that tough!

2. Interview Attire

Dressing the part is key if you want to be the star of the show. 

Airlines invest millions of dollars in advertising every year, so their image is extremely important to them. If you look at any airline commercials, cabin crews are at the centre of the airline image and the number one ambassadors who carry that image around the world.

Successful candidates aren’t necessarily catwalk models or incredibly beautiful, but they understand the importance of image and portray it at the interview with elegance through the way they speak, behave, compile their application and every single thing they do or say.

3. Personal Presentation

This is Your chance to dazzle the panel and imprint your core values and character traits. These will highlight to the recruiters exactly why you need to have your ticket in the sky and how you can become a valuable asset to their team. Knowing how to structure an emotional and gripping presentation that will inspire everyone in the room is a skill you can learn.

4. Interview Questions & Answers

Knowing how to command the respect of the recruiters is a MUST! If you can’t do that, how are you going to command the respect of difficult passengers at 39,000ft?.. This is how the recruiters see it!

You need to know as many potential questions the recruiters could ask you as possible. This way you can have an idea of what to answer. When you really do your homework, you will have very compelling answers ready to impress them and make you stand out from the crowd.

5. Group Games & Role Plays

This is a critical section and is massively overlooked by candidates. Recruiters know that this is the stage that makes or breaks most candidates’ success because during this phase the true colours come to surface and the candidates’ real character traits shine through.

You can’t hide who you are deep down, but you can prepare in advance to understand what the recruiters are looking for and make sure you keep your head above water, when others are losing their chances.

6. Body Language

93% of our communication is body language. That’s a fact! Your mouth might say one thing but your attitude and gestures could be saying something very different. Never forget that you are always being observed. 

Some of the airlines go as far as having silent observers acting as candidates who are actually part of the recruitment team and are keeping very close tabs on every candidate.

7. English Test

English is the language of aviation and understanding or speaking it with ease is a compulsory requirement for any airline. In a fast-paced environment where you work with such culturally diverse people, not understanding your passengers or colleagues’ requests will have a major impact on the quality of service you are able to deliver.

Happy passengers translate into returning customers which means revenue. Unhappy passengers mean an upset employer 🙁 .

Let’s also not forget the cabin crew’s number one responsibility: SAFETY! If you can’t understand emergency call-outs or shout to your passengers commands that they can’t understand clearly, the language impediment becomes a life or death factor.

Recruiters have these aspects in mind when selecting their future cabin crew, so good knowledge of English is essential.

Overall, the ability to land this job is a reality for those who are brave enough and dare to win! If you do a little bit of online research and turn up with a smile on your face expecting to dazzle just by being yourself, don’t cry when you get cut and sent home at the first hurdle.

If you don’t invest time and energy on researching the correct channels, you will only have access to the information that everybody else has and that’s not enough to get you the job! More than 90% of people fail and these are the people who are all looking in the same place ….the wrong place!!

Another common myth is that failing multiple times is normal … however that is NOT true! Failing 2-3-4-5-6-7 times is CRAZY!! When you consider that you can’t apply again for 6 months after being rejected, then potentially waiting years for that magic ticket to change your life will be heartbreaking. So understand these points clearly

You Don’t Need A Classroom Course! – that’s a waste of time and (often) high amounts of money

You Don’t Need Opinions! – everybody has an opinion and 90% of them are wrong

You Don’t Need Luck! – that’s for daydreamers who will never see their dream come true

You Need To Pass Your Cabin Crew Interview!!

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